Toronto - Kanada (15.-23.10.2003) / Toronto - Canada (October 15 to October 23, 2003)

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From 15th to 23rd of October we made a trip to Toronto and the Niagara Falls. The fare in business class from Vienna -
Toronto - Vienna I got for only 1.500 Euros for two persons. In the morning of 15th October we started to the airport.
Our travel date was the same time while Austrian flightcrew was on strike. During check-in the lady a the counter told us,
that every flight to America was on time. After we checked in the luggage we spent the time until our departure in the
lounge at the C gates. Inside the lounge we were called to the information desk. Unfortunately our flight was canceled
and the other flight to America were delayed. But we could go over Warsaw to Toronto. There was no connection with
SAS for Lufthansa this time. We got our boarding passes for the LOT flight and went to the departure gate A19.
Boarding for flight LO 224 to Wasaw has already started. Luckily we got our seats still in business class, but this was
very a very different C-Class than in Austrian aircrafts. The aircraft to Warsaw was a Boeing 737-5L9 SP-LKK. Takeoff
was at 11.20am. After aprox. 1 hour we landed in Warsaw at runway 33.

Some pictures from flight LO 224 from Vienna to Warsaw ...

The connecting flight to Toronto should takeoff at 1.10pm bur unfortunately we had 2 hours delay. At 3.00pm we finally
started to our 9:30 hour flight to Toronto at runway 33. This time our aircraft was a Boeing 767-35D(ER) SP-LPB. The
landing at Toronto was at runway 33L.

Pictures during flight LO 41 from Warsaw to Toronto ...

But this was not the last surprise this day. After landing we had to join an SARS test. After the test we were allowed to walk
through customs. Our luggage did not made the way with us, we got our luggage back 3 days after arrival !! We reached
our hotel in downtown Toronto.

The next 6 days we spent in Toronto and at 20th October we made 1 one-day-trip to the Niagara Falls. Our hotel - The Grand
Hotel Toronto - was in walking distance to CN-Tower. Unfortunately the weather wasn't good all time. On top of the CN-Tower
we had a marvelous view over Toronto. Another attraction is the Skydome - usually a fottboll stadium, which could be converted
for other kind of sports. During a harbour cruise you can also have a great view to the skyline of Toronto with the enormous
CN-Tower. The following days we walked through Toronto i visited nearly ervery sights. This was my second visit to Toronto
but since last time a lot changed in ths town.

Some impressions of Toronto ...

At 20th October we made our trip to the Niagara Falls. We started early in the morning by bus along the Lake Ontario, passed
the city of Hamilton and finally reached where the Niagara river joins the Lake Ontario. Then it was only a short hop to the
Falls. During our ride to Niagara Falls we had the opportunity to make a helicpoter tour over the Falls. The view outside
the helicopter was breathtaking. At the Falls we mad a small cruise with the 'Maid of the mist' inside the Horseshoe Falls.
On top og a viewing tower we could see the whole Niagara Falls. Our last stop this day was a viewing point directly in
front of the Horseshoe Falls. In the evening we returned to Toronto.

Some pictures from our helicopter roundtrip ...

... and here some pictures from the Niagara Falls ..

On October 22 we returned to the airport at noon. After check-in we wlked to the Star-Alliance lounge until boarding started
at gate 524 at 5.50pm. Takeoff was aat 7.00pm at runway 05. Onboard the Airbus A340-211 OE-LAG we reached Vienna
after 8:30 hours flight time. Finally we landed safely at runway 34.

On the following map you can see all routes of the flights

Here are the links to all pictures I made at this trip

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Helicopter roundtrip over the Niagara Falls - October 20, 2003 (mehr)
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