ILA 2006 Berlin - Deutschland (20.-21.05.2006) / ILA 2006 Berlin - Germany (May 20 to 21, 2006)

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We made a trip to the ILA in Berlin from May 20 to 21. We started on saturday early in the morning to go
to the airport. The staff of Auboa Vacation was waiting inside the terminal. Check-in for flight AB 8359 to
Berlin was at terminal 1a. After check-in we had time for a coffee. Boarding started at 7:15am at gate B40.
Our plane was an Boeing 737-86J D-ABAX. Takeoff was at runway 34 at aprox 8:00am. After 1 hour we
landed at Berlin Tegel at runway 26R.

A bus was which brought us first to our hotel and the to the ILA area was waiting outside the terminal.
Unfortunately we came into a traffic jam so we could see the flight display of the A380 and A340 only
from the bus. At aprox 11:30am we finally reached the ILA area at Schonefeld. At saturday 80.000
persons visited the ILA.

My first way was to the A380 - really a big aircraft, but the A340-600 next to the A380 was not much
smaller. Then we continued to the flightline in front of the runway, where we had a good view to the flight
displays. The flightshjow of the russian MIG29OVT was also marvelous. Unfortunately it started raining
in the afternoon, so we could not see the flight display of the Eurofighter. At 6:30pm we leave the ILA
and returned to our hotel. In the evening we visited the Hard Rock Cafe to complete ma T-Shirt

Some pictures from the first day of the ILA ...

At the next morning we were going to the ILA area after breakfast. Unfortunately the weather was not good. Lot
of clouds ocer Berlin ans sometimes it started raining. After we reached the ILA area we were going to the flightline.
This time we got a place directly in front of runway 07L/25R. While the Red Bull DC-6B was in the air the sun came
out for a short time. The DC-6B flight display was followed by an Me 262, a F-16 from the Netherlands army. The
Highlight was the flight display of the 3 Airbusses. First was the A318-121 F-WWIA followed by the A340-642
F-WWCA and finally the star of the ILA, the Airbus A380-841 F-WWDD. All 3 airshows were great! After the
displays the Airbusses returned to Toulouse. Another highlight was the flight show of the russian MIG29OVT.
We left the ILA area at aprox. 3:30pm.

Some pictures from the second day at the ILA ...

After a short break at our hotel we continued to the airport. Boarding for flight AB 8752 started at 6:55pm at gate
002. Our aircraft was a new Airbus A320-214 D-ABDE. Takeoff was at 7:40pm. on runway 26L, landing at aprox.
09:00pm at runway 16 at Vienna.

Here are the links to all pictures I made during this trip

Vienna Schwechat International - May 20, 2006 (mehr)
Air Berlin 8359 from Vienna to Berlin - May 20, 2006 (mehr)
Berlin Tegel International - May 20, 2006 (mehr)
Berlin Schonefeld / ILA 2006 - May 20, 2006 (mehr)
Berlin Schonefeld / ILA 2006 - May 21, 2006 (mehr)
Berlin Tegel International - May 21, 2006 (mehr)
Air Berlin 8752 from Berlin to Vienna - May 21, 2006 (mehr)