Hamburg - Deutschland (10.07. - 12.07.2006) / Hamburg - Germany (July 10 to 12, 2006)

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From 10 to 12 of July we made a short trip to Hamburg. We started at 5.45am in the morning to the aiport where we checked
in at terminal 1a for our flight AB 8468 to Hamburg. While having a coffe break I had the opportunity to make some pictures
from the apron. Boarding started at 7.45am at gate B38. We were going to the aircraft - a Boeing 737-46J D-ABAM, by bus.
Takeoff was at 8.30am at runway 29. After takeoff I had a great view down to the city of Vienna. We passed the cities of Prague
and Dresden bfore we reached Hamburg. Landing was at 9.45am at runway 23. We used the public transport to go
to our hotel
the Le Meridien.

Some pictures from flight AB 8468 ...

After leaving our luggage at the hotel, we started our tour at the Jungfernstieg with a marvelous view to the Alster. The next stop
was at the St.Michaeliskirche - the so called 'Michel'. On top of the tower we had a good view onto the city of Hamburg and also
the great harbour. In the afternoon we visited the Landungsbrücken where we made a big harbour cruise. The next 1,5 hours we
got an overview how big the port oh Hamburg really is. Through the 'Speicherstadt' we passed the cruising terminal where Queen
Mary 2 will arrive 1 week later. We also saw the second biggest Container ship of the world, the Cosco Beijing with a length of
1.150 ft.

On the second day we started with a city tour through Hamburg - the following 2 hours we saw a lot of sights. After the tour we
alked through the 'Speicherstadt' to the harbour, where we had a coffe break. Another highlight of the day was a visit at the
musical 'The Lion King'. Finally we alked along the 'Reeperbahn'.

The last day in Hamburg we visited the cargo ship 'Cap san Diego'. Along the Alster we enjoyed the fine weather before we returned
to the airport.

Some impressions of Hamburg ...

After check-in I made some pictures on the visitos terrace but the light was not good this afternoon. Boarding for flight
AB 8847 to Vienna started
at 6.35pm at gate C15- The aircraft was a Boeing 737-46J D-ABAI. Takeoff was at 7.20pm
at runway 33, the landing at Vienna at runway 34.

Here some pictures from flight AB 8847 ...

All the pictures, I've made can be seen in the following galleries

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Air Berlin AB 8468 from Vienna to Hamburg -
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