Kapstadt - Südafrika (28.05.-01.06.2004) / Capetown - South Africa (May 28 to June 1, 2004)

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At the end of May i made a 5-day trip to Capetown in South Africa - It was also my first visit on the african continent.
I booked the flight Vienna-Frankfurt-Johannesburg-Capetown and back throught the internet for about 600 Euro.
In the evening I was going to the airport. Boarding for my flight Lufthansa 3537 to Frankfurt was at gate C59. Takeoff
was at 6.20pm at runway 29. The aircraft was a Boeing 737-330 D-ABWH. After 1 hour of flight time we landed at
Frankfurt at runway 07R. I spent the time until boarding for flight Lufthansa 572 to Capetown via Johannesburg at the
Senator Lounge inside terminal B.
This time a Boeing 747-430(M) D-ABTE was my aircraft for the flight. At 11.00pm
we takeoff was at runway 18 for our 10 hour flight to Johannesburg. At the next morning we landed at Johannesburg
at runway 21L during nice weather conditions. The stopp in Johannesburg took 1 hour, then we continued via
runway 21R to Capetown. The landing in Capetown was at runway 19 at aprox 12.20am.

Some pictures from flight Lufthansa 572 to Capetown ...

After customs inspections a took a taxi to my hotel - The Captonian Hotel - in the city. After a short break a went to
the harbour. A lot of peoples we around Victora Wharf. I continued to the foot of table mountain - unfortunately the
cable car was closed because of the strong winds. Finally I made a short walk through downtown Capetown.

Here some pictures from Capetown ...

At the last day I made a day trip to the Cape of good Hope. In the morning we started with a small fish market and the
we continued to a rock where hundreds of seals life. After the short ride with a small ship we continued our tour to the
Cape. The first highlight was the stop at the Cape of good Hope the south western point of the african continent.

After this short stop we finally reached the Cape of good Hope viewing area. The weather and the temperature were
very good. On the return trip to Capetown we stopped at a small village with a lot of penguins on the beach. The last stop
was in an botanical garden near Capetown. We reached Capetown in the evening, where I made some pictures from
Capetown during night.

Pictures from my trip to the Cape of good Hope ...

At noon of May 31, I went to the airport, where I had the opportunity to make some pictures of starting and landing
aircrafts at the apron. Boarding for flight LH 573 to Frankfurt was at gate A03. The aircraft was a Boeing 747-430(M)
D-ABTC. At 4.00pm we took off at runway 19 twoards Capetown. After 2 hours of flight we landed at Johannesburg
at runway 21L. After an hour we finally took of to our flight to Frankfurt, where we landed at runway 25R in the

The flight Lufthansa 573 back to Frankfurt ...

I had a lot of time in Frankfurt to make pictures from the visitor terrace, because my flight back to Vienna started at

Some pictures from the viewing platform at terminal B ...

Um 12:00 begann das Boarding zu Flug LH 3534 nach Wien bei Gate A26. Start war um 12:40 auf Startbahn 18, nach einer
Flugzeit von knapp 1 Stunde landeten wir in Wien auf Landebahn 34.

On the following map you can see the routes of all flights

Here are the links to all pictures I made during this trip

Lufthansa 572 from Frankfurt to Capetown - May 28, 2004 (mehr)
Johannesburg Jan Smuts International - May 29, 2004 (mehr)
Capetown D.F.Malan International - May 29, 2004 (mehr)
Capetown D.F.Malan International - May 31, 2004 (mehr)

Lufthansa 573 from Capetown to Frankfurt - May 31, 2004 (mehr)

Frankfurt Rhein/Main International - June 1, 2004 (mehr)