Melbourne, Bora Bora, Papeete und Auckland (14.11.-06.12.2005) / Melbourne, Bora Bora, Papeete and Auckland (11/14 - 12/06/2005)

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We made our holidays this year in Melbourne, Bora Bora and Auckland.
After an comfortably Check-In at Austrian Premium Check-In counter, we walked to Austrian Business Lounge at the A-Gates.

We have made an upgrade to business class before flight.

Boarding was at gate A04. Our plane to down under was the Boeing 777-2Z9(ER) OE-LPB which was the last 777
painted in the new Austrian livery. With a delay of 20 minutes we were taxiing to runway 16 for departure.
During taxiing i had the change to take some pictures through the window.

Boeing 767-3Z9(ER) OE-LAY
Austrian 35 to Bombay

Airbus A330-223 OE-LAO
Austrian 93 to Washington

Boeing 777-2H6(ER) 9M-MRC
Malaysian 23 to Kuala Lumpur

After takeoff from runway 16 we passed Hungary twoards the turkey black sea border.

The flight route continued from turkey over the republic of Iran, where we had an beautiful sunset, to India.
The flight in business class was very comfortable.

After the bay of Bengal we passed the island of Phuket and continued along the malaysian peninsula twoards Singapore.
After approximately 11 hours flighttime we landed on runway 02C in Singapore. After a 1 hour stop we continued our flight to Australia
via Changi's runway 02C.

The weather in Singapore was very foggy - over Denpasar the route continued via Broome onto the australian mainland.

Passing the australien city Adelaide we flew along the australian south coast twoards Melbourne, where we landed
on time at runway 16.

The next 3 days we spent in Melbourne. We also made an trip to the 12 apostels on the south coase where we made an helicoter
roundtrip - The highlight of this tour.

Melbourne Skyline

Melbourne at night

12 Apostels near Port Cambell

On friday the 18th of November we started to Auckland, where we had 6 hours transfer bevor we continued
twoards Papeete. After check-in at Melbourne airport I had time to made some pictures.

Boarding for our flight NZ 124 to Auckland was at gate 07. Via runway 34 we took of twoards Auckland.
The landing was at runway 23L. The aircraft was an Airbus A320-232 ZK-OJC.

Melbourne Tullamarine Airport

NZ 124 Melbourne-Auckland

Approaching Auckland Intl.

During our stop at Auckland we spent most time in the NZ-Lounge - with good view onto the apron.

At 11.59pm we continued onboard NZ 40 to Papeete. This time a Boeing 767-319(ER) ZK-NCN was our home
for the next 5 hours. Takeoff runway was 23L, the runway for landing in Papeete was 04.
A lot of seats remained free during this flight,

Boeing 767-319(ER) ZK-NCN

Start of the day over the south pacific

Approaching Papeete Faa'a

After a 1 hour stop and a funny check-in at Papeete our last flight brought us finally to Bora Bora.
Air Tahiti's flight VT 268 started at runway 04 and after 45 minutes we reached Bora Bora. Aircraft was an ATR 72-500 F-OHJT.

Port of Papeete

Approaching Bora Bora

ATR 72-500 F-OHJT

We spent the next 13 days at Bora Bora - white sandy beach, beautiful country and very nice people made the
holidays unforgetable. At 24th of November we made an helicopter trip over Bora Bora.

Unfortuately our holidays ended on the 30th of November with the Air Tahiti flight VT 296 back to Papeete.
Aircraft was an ATR 72-500 F-OHJS. As our flight to Auckland was on the 1st of December, we had 1 day at Papeete.

After takeoff at Bora Bora

Cabin view

Landing at Papeete

On the 1st of December we started early in the morning to the airport. After check-in i had the opporunity to take some pictures.

Boeing 747-428M F-GISB
AF 70 from Paris via Los Angeles

Airbus A340-313C F-OLOV
Tahiti 101 to Sydney via Auckland

Boeing 767-319(ER) ZK-NCF
NZ 23 to Auckland via Rarotonga

Our flight departed Papeete at 7am. via Rarotonga to Auckland. Aircraft was an Boeing 767-319(ER) ZK-NCF.
We reached Auckland airport at Dec. 2, 1:15pm local time.

Papeete airport

Rarotonga airport

Boeing 767-319(ER) ZK-NCF

The next 3 days we spent in Auckland - this was my second visit to New Zealand.

Auckland by night from skytower

View of Skyline from Auckland

Our hotel - Hyatt Regency Auckland

At the 5th of December our journey continued twoards Vienna via Sydney. We decided to make an upgrade to business class,
as Air New Zealand would use their new 777 on this route. Unfortunately they made an aircraft change to an 747.
So we had the possibility to fly on the upper deck of an 747. The aircraft was a Boeing 747-419 ZK-NBV.
Takeoff runway in Auckland was 23L, the landing runway at Sydney 34L.

Upper deck Boeing 747-419 ZK-NBV

Over the tasman sea

The city of Sydney

The flight to Vienna departs at 6:30pm local time. So I made a lot of picture at the visitor terrace.

Airbus A340-642 G-VOGE
Virgin Atlantic Airways

Boeing 747-412 9V-SMR
Singapore Airlines

Boeing 747-4B5F/ER/SCD HL7499
Korean Air Cargo

Onboard Austrian 2 to Vienna via Kuala Lumpur our holidays ends. We also made an upgrade to business class.
Highlight of this flight was the visit to the flight deck.

Sydney Kingsford Smith airport

Sunset over Australia

Boeing 777-2Z9(ER) OE-LPB
Flight deck

On the following map you can see all routes of the flights

All the pictures, I've made can be seen in the following galleries

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Austrian 7 from Vienna to Melbourne - November 14, 2005 (mehr)
Melbourne Tullamarine International - November 15, 2005 (mehr)
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Melbourne Tullamarine International - November 18, 2005 (mehr)
Air New Zealand 124 from Melbourne to Auckland - November 18, 2005 (mehr)
Auckland International - November 18, 2005 (mehr)
Air New Zealand 40 from Auckland to Papeete - November 18, 2005 (mehr)
Papeete Faa'a International - November 18, 2005 (mehr)
Air Tahiti 268 from Papeete to Bora Bora - November 18, 2005 (mehr)
Bora Bora Motu Mute - November 18, 2005 (mehr)
Roundtrip over Bora Bora - November 24, 2005 (mehr)
Bora Bora Motu Mute - November 30, 2005 (mehr)
Air Tahiti 296 from Bora Bora to Papeete - November 30, 2005 (mehr)
Papeete Faa'a International - November 30, 2005 (mehr)
Papeete Faa'a International - December 1, 2005 (mehr)
Air New Zealand 23 from Papeete via Rarotonga to Auckland - December 1, 2005 (mehr)
Rarotonga International - December 1, 2005 (mehr)
Auckland International - December 2, 2005 (mehr)
Auckland International - December 5, 2005 (mehr)
Air New Zealand 101 from Auckland to Sydney - December 5, 2005 (mehr)
Sydney Kingsford Smith International - December 5, 2005 (mehr)
Austrian 2 from Sydney to Wien - December 5, 2005 (mehr)