Zürich - Schweiz (30.08.2005) / Zurich - Switzerland (August 30, 2005)


We made an spotting trip to Zurich on August 30, 2005
For aprox. 150 Euro inkluding taxes and charges I booked the flight on Austrian website 2 weeks before departure.

After Check-In at Vienna airport we stayed in the Senator lounge until boarding time, which was at 6.35am.
Boarding for our flight Austrian 561 was at gate A05. The aircraft for this flight was an Airbus A319-112 OE-LDA.
The departure at runway 29 was on time - at 7.05am. After an flighttime at aprox. 1:20 hours we arrived at
Zurich airport on runway 14. Our parkingposition was at the apron beside a couple of star-alliance carriers.

30 minutes later I made my first picture of the day at the visitor terrace on top of terminal B.
Unfortunately the active runway was runway 28 so the view onto the starting aircrafts was not good.
Fortunately the widebodies had to use runway 16 for departure which is in front of the visitor terrace.

Some highlights of the day:

Thai Airways - Airbus A340-642
Emirates - Airbus A340-541
Singapore Airlines - Boeing 747-412
Lufthansa Cargo - McD DOuglas MD-11F
und natürlich zahlreiche Swiss-Widebodies

After spending the whole day on the terrace during really beautiful weather, we made our way back to the terminal
in the late afternoon. There were no need to go to the check-in counter because we got out boarding passes in Vienna
this morning. We spent the last hour in the star alliance lounge. Boarding started at 7:10pm. at gate B29. The
aircraft was an Airbus A319-112 OE-LDD. At 7.40pm. we took of at runway 28. After an left turn we had an beautiful
View onto Zurich airport. After 1:20 hours flight we landed at Vienna's runway 16.

I made more than 230 pictures this day

All pictures can be found here

Here you can see some movement scenes at Zurich