Bluebird Cargo zu Beusch in Wien (24. September 2007) / Bluebird Cargo visiting Vienna (September 24, 2007)


At September 24, 2007 I had the opportunity to see a rare cargo operator at Vienna. A Boeing 737-36E(F) with the reg. TF-BBF
from Bluebird Cargo with homebase at Iceland was parked at the apron. Former operators before this 737 was converted to a
freighter, were Viva Air and Frontier Airlines from the Unied States. After conversion to a freighter this aircraft is in service
with Bluebird Cargo.

Here you can find some informations about Bluebird Cargo ...

Bluebird Cargo was established in the year 2000 - in March 2001 operations started with one Boeing 737-300F with cargo
flights from Iceland via the United Kingdom to Cologne. The sceond 737-300F was added in July 2002. In July 2003
5 Boeing 737-300 were leased from GECAS. 2 of this 5 aircrafts were added in September 2003, the rest followed in the
year 2004. In November 2006 Bluebird purchased 2 Boeing 737-400 pax, which were converted to freighters.

In the following table you can find the summe schedule

Finaly some informations about the aircrafts in the Bluebird Cargo fleet

Boeing 737-300F

(all informations from

Boeing 737-400F